Happy with this promise, Stefan wanted to finish poking.

- I'm going to be there. - No, wait. The horse prevents you from approaching. I want you to run on me. Wait. Well, I have to stop touching myself. I hope he's going to be quick. Oh, that's not sure. I know him well Marbrac! It's a hot rabbit if you can say ... sexvideos jumps on everything that moves, the proof ... eh Madam?
The interruption of the mayor had cut my orgasm a little, at least it had partially halted the benefits, but the horse did not care and continued to stuff me. From now on, I was used to his long and big cock and I went back to seventh heaven when I was more relaxed.
The pony finally arrived at the end. As the day before, his movements accelerated, his breath rushed and it took our steward a lot of dexterity to maintain his assaults so that it does not pierce me too much and does not come to crush the ovaries. At the last moment I felt a violent movement of his cock, as if it went up in the air while swelling to the extreme and, when he ejaculated, I perceived all the pulsations that heated me the senses to delirium. Already the day before, on my face, I had noticed the power of its jets, but there, I had the impression of being made to strip with karsher. The pressure was huge and I felt, while my vagina filled up as the jets that did not end happily, the sensation of hot liquid escaping and flowed from my pussy to my asshole.
The horse was helped to retreat.
- Go ahead, it's up to you.- Oh no, I'm not going in there, it's disgusting. Y'a full of the cum of the canasson.- As you want. I'm going !
Then my future husband penetrated me. The tail came back alone but I did not feel much. The machine did not support the comparison with the nag that had me widened.
Spontaneously, our mayor-steward came to offer me his rod. She was really big, very thick with a foreskin pleasant to decant, and hair very dense and very black, especially on the balls. He felt sweat and a little piss. It was a real man fragrance.
My guy squirted with great swearing.
- You're the best whores I've ever seen ... it's too good. How lucky I am to marry you. Sir, and Madame is also lucky to marry such a generous and generous man.
For any reply, I stopped sucking him and said:
- Fuck me!
I did not expect an answer. I put on my stomach, feet on the ground, legs apart, the hole offered. Immediately I felt the pressure of the glans on the rosette. It was big, too ... it did not come back, despite the efforts of the guy.
- Lubricate!

He spat in his hands, polished his knot and began again ... but without success.
- Lubricate better! - But how? - In the cat, there's all the cream you need. The horse has left, you just have to dip your cudgel inside, it will coat it! - Oh, no ... it's disgusting ... and worse now there's even the sauce of your ' Monsieur.- Mayor does not have a very social fiber! He does not share the sperm of his citizens said my future husband. - Swish you shit ... I say in a tone that did not admit the reply but the prompt execution of the maneuver.- Good ... good ...
And he buried his bazaar in the con .... which he finally did not want to go out as it was sliding well. He was taking his foot there.
- In the ass ... in the ass!
So, he decided. It was necessary to force again, but she entered, not without pain.
- Oh yes, she's there! she's good, go on! "" Oh shit, it's been too long. It's too good here. You feel it my tail, you feel it there .... oh fucking fucking hole to cock! It's tight here. Damn shit, that's the rump of female!
And he slammed my ass with the ardor of a guy who comes out of jail and has had no partner other than his paws for years. Finally, he pulled out his big cock, spitting his jute between me buttocks, he plunged back by pressing hard on the ass with both hands.
- Whew, too good big cocks in the country. You are almost worth the horse.- If Madame loves big cocks, there are others in the country ... If she wants to come to the farm ... I have two or three males that may interest him a donkey who has to beat the pony. However, I must admit that my ass has roustons less hairy than mine.
I passed my hand between my thighs to catch the tassels still crushed against my buttocks, I felt the down all wet. So it's promised, we'll come see you.
But, as pleasant as my stay since I arrived, I had not planned to stay that long. I had to go back to Paris to put some things in order before coming back to get married here. I spent the rest of the day with my future husband and the night between the dog and him using their sexual attributes to the best of they could give.
The next morning I took the road again.
Over the miles, I thought again of those few hours when my life had rocked and in the most radical way that was. I had just discovered a limitless sexual appetite and had met my husband who shared the same orgasmic frenzy.
To be continued.

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